Covid Education in Local Languages

Having the right information and knowledge about COVID-19 by the public has been recognized as a viable way to help curb the spread of the corona virus. While the pandemic continues to cause havoc the world over with key socio-economic disruptions and recorded deaths in Ghana, misconceptions and myths abound about the virus.

To reach out to every Ghanaian particularly with the right information about COVID-19 in order to correct all misconceptions and myths about the virus, Delegates of Young Diplomats of Ghana will educate Ghanaians through short videos produced in local languages spoken widely across all 16 regions of Ghana.

The videos will further highlight important information about the virus and best practices for preventive measures announced by the Ghana Health Service and World Health Organization.

Your donation to support this campaign would enable us produce COVID-19 educational videos in many Ghanaian languages. Your donation would also ensure that we are able to work with community leaders, cooperative groups, churches and other religious groups to widely circulate these videos in addition to paid airtime on television channels.